6th July 2009 – Photoshoot number 4

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This morning my husband’s cousin came to visit and with her came the gorgeous little Chloe. Chloe is 16 months old and an adorable little girl. Definitely very photogenic with a beaming smile. I decided to continue the photoshoot experience and take some photos and fortunately her mother was happy to oblige but it came with a price. As of yet, she’s my youngest model (other than my own little girls) and boy was it hard! It was in her nature to explore of course, her nature to not keep still and stay in the designated area, so when you’re trying to take a decent picture it gets a little bit tricky!

It wasn’t an easy morning anyway as I had other distractions in the form of my youngest daughter Evie and for some reason I just could not get the lighting right. It made me realise that even if I wanted to, I’d never make it pro, the pressure would just be too much! How could I accept payment for photos that I couldn’t guarantee would be of decent quality? I’m so glad this is just a hobby.

I realised that I have a style when it comes to shooting children, I like to get up close. Hardly any of my shots of children are full length – although part of this is probably due to a limited set up in my living room which means it’s rare to get a full length shot and keep the rest of the living room out of the shot. I love children’s faces though, they’re so inquisitive and curious, when they smile, it lights up their face how can I not try to grab that? Having said that, my favourite shots from this morning aren’t the smiley ones, but that’s probably because when she did smile (which was a LOT!) then she was more excited, therefore moved more and it was harder to grab a pristine shot.

Anyway, I was actually disappointed with the shots overall that I did get from the morning, especially after last week’s success with my sister but following are a few of the best shots from the bad bunch I’ll share with you. It’s all experience and supposed to be fun at the end of the day so I’ll take it with a pinch of salt! One thing for sure, it was fab to work with such a cutie, I hope to have another opportunity to shoot Chloe again.




And lastly, the black and white shot – I rarely like black and white shots of children unless it’s a particularly contrasting photograph. The lighting was totally wrong on this one, so I gave it a go in b&w. Funnily enough out of two people I asked, one person said they loved it, and another didn’t like it at all. I’m undecided, the light on the left is just a little bit too bright. I think it just goes to show how different people’s tastes are.

Photos taken at 1/200 and f/5.6 (flash gun used)

The “Random things about me” series will continue tomorrow, watch this space…

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