17th November 2009 – Park fun

Written on November 17, 2009 – 4:33 pm | by BryonyParkes |

Have just returned from an hour running around the park. Had some good fun and well needed fresh air.

I realised once out that Winter is starting to make an impression. It’s getting rather cold and their is a sharp edge to the wind. We’re getting very dark evenings some days as early as 3pm and you need to put the light on, and it’s raining more and more. But who said that photography during the Winter needs to be dark and dreary?



And anyway, this is also a blatant excuse to show off my girls!

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25th October 2009 – Autumn beauty

Written on October 25, 2009 – 11:19 am | by BryonyParkes |

Autumn is my favourite time of year, I absolutely adore the colours and the crisp fresh air that we have without it being too cold. I love driving around town and seeing the leaves falling off the trees and children scouring for conkers. Best of all, I love the amazing photo opportunities it provides and I’ve endeavoured to make sure that I capture it the best I can this year.

Some of the shots I’ve taken so far:



































I’m not very good at taking shots outside in the winter. Especially on bitterly cold days as the finger just can’t click very well with gloves on! I do struggle to find interesting perspectives when everything is dull and bland when the colours of Autumn have gone. But I’m going to make an effort this year to try, so watch out for a Winter themed post in a couple of months time, hopefully!

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4th May 2009 – Shooting bubbles?

Written on May 4, 2009 – 10:23 pm | by BryonyParkes |

Blimey it’s like buses….you wait ages for a blog-post, and then two come at once! Another one today as over the bank holiday weekend I was provided with another opportunity to challenge myself and this time it was taking bubble shots. I’ve been wanting to do a bubble shot for ages, and although I gave it a good go I wasn’t happy with the results, so will be trying this again sometime soon.

The challenge was to get close enough to a bubble, to see it clearly in the photo, to focus on it but bear in mind the background and also make it an interesting shot – I didn’t want a shot just of a bubble after all.

I chose a windy day – that was the first mistake. Following a bubble mid air with the camera, that is going at 50mph (ok, slight exaggeration there) proved frustrating. I also thought it’d be fun if my 3 year old got involved in the blowing of the bubbles – second mistake. And to make matters worse, it got cold so this plus bubbles involve wet chilly soapy hands…

So I didn’t take many, least of all that matched all my goals in taking a bubble shot; but the one I decided to work on was this one:

What’s wrong with this then? Well, it may hurt some eyes, too much going on for a start. The bubbles are barely visible. And the background is too busy to define the bubbles. But it is more natural. I think it needs something else though – so I decided to try a bit of selective colouring:

Hmm… better – you can see the bubbles a bit clearer, even if it doesn’t look hugely pretty, and the bubbles look a bit superficial. Gone goes the natural nature look – but it depends what I’m after. I want to see more of the bubbles so perhaps a crop is needed:

Wahey! That’s better. Or at least it’s my preference. I don’t think the bubbles look quite so crisp, but that’ll be due to the resolution after a heavy crop. And the selective colouring makes it quirky I think. But I appreciate that is just my take on it and I had  the fun bit in seeing what different processing methods would do to it. For arguments sake, lets try the same crop, without the selective colouring, for comparison:

Interesting. Its certainly a lot more natural and less like the bubbles have been photoshopped onto the picture, but they look even less sharp. I think overall I like the cropped selective coloured shot best. I’m wondering now which of the four other eyes would prefer – they all have their pros and cons; do let me know what you think!

Photos taken at 1/125 and f/10.0

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